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(MR? Main Reactor? You realise with the bomb he is carrying it will rip the planet apart? Oh well I could make it slow and drawn out to increase tension)

Zion looked around. He could see the reactor. He winced as the radiation level grew. He coughed. He stood up still. Someone was here. He tasted the air.
"Come out Scur! I know you're here!" He said in a harsh voice
"You can not stop this! It's going to happen! And the Jedi will be no more!"
Zion was starting to loose what remaing sanity he had
He laughed
He ran to the reactor and pulled out the bomb. And Planted it.
"It's over! HAHA! IF YOU WANT TO STOP ME TRY!" He laughed his mission was almost complete in 15 seconds it would be over....


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