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Originally Posted by Charie
I've watched old USSR movies all the time, instead (and I still love them ).
I remember that my father would take me to this movie theatre that only showed Soviet movies, but I haven't gone there in a while.
Soviet cinematography is outstanding, too bad it has been margined in the Western society.

You don't like Disney?? I didn't get much of that when I was a kid, either, but I've always considered old Disney cartoons great. Classic, y'know.
About Disney, I'm not too fond of the corporation and the movies they create.
But when I was a kid, I loved all of those cartoons.

Are there any illustrious class-B movies? I don't clearly understand what they are: low-budget small productions?
Back in the old days of cinematography, more than one film would be broadcasted per session. But there was one main movie and then a second one, of less importance, known as B-Film.

Since nowadays that is not done any more, the term refers to low-budget films, or those performed by unknown actors & directors.

Illustrious ones? Well most of the independent and art films in general can be considered low-budget, and in my opinion they are better than the ones made in big studios.


Originally Posted by JofaGuht
But I will dig into Jackson for this: the plain overuse of CGI.
That and the 'grandiose' is what I meant by comparing him to Griffith. Computer generated imagery is not my forte, but it will expand the frontiers of movie making in the years to come.
Concerning his style, I don't like the movies he has made.

Did you and I ever talk about Carnivale? If not, let me say that was quite a good show as well. It took me a long time to get into it, though.
I thought you could have liked that show, but I didn't bring it up because Home Box Office broadcast it so I only got to see the first episode. Here, Deadwood was shown on Fox, as they thought it would be a hit, but they cancelled it after a season. I guess that is why they won't pass Carnivale now.

What was your final impression on both shows?

I've said this before. While I agree on a certain level, I do plan to make films someday, but I'd never really consider myself an artist. I'd always be just a storyteller.
I think it is very difficult for an artist to self-proclaim himself as one. Critics and public usually coin the term.
But the limits of the word 'art' are controversial, as I've said earlier.

Oh, and I can't live without my Evil Dead.
Evil Dead? I used to like that film. It is probably the most bizarre horror film series so far. I haven't watched them all, though.
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