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Okay, did anyone relate some minuses and pluses to units, due to online play? If you have played online, you'd know in BF I, that all Rebel Rocketers have 2 shots per cannon and 10 ammo. In the halls of Bespin Cloud City, let's say it's not the first thing you want to be killed by as soon as you spawn. They reduced splash damage becasue of maximum pwnage from rocket-ho's. Also, they added a limited amount of units because you would literally see only rocket ho's or Recon Droid ho's. If you hate the Engineer in this game, obviously you aren't effective at taking units down right. A simple blaster cannon shot can kill a unit instantly, and if used at good distance, a detpack owns a crowd of enemies. And health and ammo?! I call him the glory unit. If a unit is going to be hated, it's most likely to be the Droideka, Jedi, or the Clone Commander. Otherwise, every other unit is quite manageable, you guys just might need to warm up to them. Play Elite, and get used to it. If you think the mines are useless, try using them at CP #3 on Polis Massa...

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