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The primary reason for this forum is to fill the void left by the comments section being removed from PCGM. Most people that post mods on PCGM also post release threads here so it seemed only natural to create a new forum to fill this specific need.

If PCGM still had a comments section its likely this forum would never have been created. Long before TUCE was created we had discussed creating a forum like this, but decided that it might encourage people to only search the mod release forum for new toys. While this may be the case with some members I find it unlikely that its preventing anyone interested in modding from learning to mod. Being surrounded by modders and modding discussion does not mean a person will want to mod.

Now that I have seen the results of the separate forums I'm not at all conviced that the lack of comments has anything to do with the devision of Holowan into multiple forums or that recombinning them would result in better results. The mod downloads have always been disproportionate to the number of comments recieved in release threads or in the comments section of PCGM before it was removed.

This forum also serves as a way to keep Holowan as the modding forum and to prevent members modding questions from being drowned out by release threads.
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