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But when I was a kid, I loved all of those cartoons.
I've seen only very few, and that was sort of long ago, so I wonder what would I think of them now. However, I have a copy of Aladdin and watch it from time to time. A great way to cheer up, for me. Along with 'Some like it hot'.
Hm, I have a suspicion now: do Disney Productions count as Disney?.. 'Cause even if I've seen the original Walt Disney's cartoons - I don't remember them at all.

I think it is very difficult for an artist to self-proclaim himself as one. Critics and public usually coin the term.
I've always thought the opposite. Only the artist himself truly knows what he is and can name it.
Well, people are different, creators even more so. Perhaps that's individual for every one of them.
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