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Trooper: Super Battle Droids should have more splash damage with missle launcher

Sniper: Not enough good sniping spots, should give units proning again, has terrible close-range combat which keeps them from getting to any good sniping posts

Engineer: Overpowered for a pilot unit

Rocketeer: Mines should be like they were in SBFI

Magnaguard: Needs a cloak and a staff as a secondary weapon, maybe swap main weapons with the Imperial Officer

Clone Commander: no legitimate comlaints found

Imperial Officer: Sonic blaster should have same effect but look more "Imperialistic"

Bothan Spy: Should remain totally invisible until fatigue runs out (or unit switches weapons, dives or starts dashing), should have a backup weapon for the Incinerator

Droideka: no legitimate comlaints found

Jet Trooper: Needs more jetpack fuel and more precise EMP launcher

Dark Trooper: Should be able to keep charging while jumping

Wookie Warrior: no legitimate comlaints found

Give me some input and I'll edit it in.

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