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I'm going to say, I think the bothan should have some sort of weapon besides the incinerator, yes it's an okay weapon, but he needs somthing else to fall back on, nothing too fancy, maybe just somthing along the lines of a pistol, so he has a slight chance of survivel when out of his element, also as a weapon that doesn't have the potential to incinerate allies in crowded fights.

Maybe some sort of stun pistol? deals minor damage and incapacitates the enemy for a bit, so normal troops can finish him, or you can run up and incinerate the guy. It could be chargeable, so you can increase damage, and stun time, but doing this also increases the recharge rate. Maybe even give the fully charged count an instant kill.

Or is the bothan already good the way he is? I think he's okay, his incinerator is a cool weapon, he just needs somthing to give him a bit more of an edge, thats all.

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