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Jurassic Park

ok,here it is.a Jurassic Park rpg thread.but this has a twist,as alot know.its in starwars,so we get to watch a wookie eaten by a characters brought a capital ship into hyperspace and out of the galaxy.

any character type is availeble,except for the hero units from the movies.meaning,for example,my characters a clone shapeshifter that isnt in the empire and is force-sensitive.use your imagination with creating a character.

fill out this format:
squad (optional):

just one thing:NO NUKES!
name: Delta 43,also known as Assassin
squad:Omega squad(fictional in a way,considering i made up the members)

the capital ship came out of hyperspace,and i didnt see any other ships flying around where coroscant would be located.i saw nothing but a couple planets,possibly seven or eight."zeta 392,scan every one of these planets" i told one of my squadmembers.after a quick lifesign scan,he responded "theres nothing alive on any of these planets.." which i found incredibly strange."hey..what about that one,over there?" i asked,pointing to a greenish blue planet."scanning...scanning....." zeta said,right before the console exploded."ok.......lets not try scanning that planet again and just land somwhere" i told,in which he nodded his head.i walked over to the com and said over the intercom,"Omega squad,Delta squad,Alpha squad,and every other commando squad,get to the hanger and prepare to depart." i said.not long after that,we were crashing face first into the ground in the dropship.i tried to get up from the crash,but only had a crate end up nearly breaking my helmat.i blacked out afterwards,with a killer headache.

the covenant is invading!
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