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Originally Posted by Xtermanator
...they added a limited amount of units because you would literally see only rocket ho's or Recon Droid ho's. If you hate the Engineer in this game, obviously you aren't effective at taking units down right...
The rocket trooper isn't limited. Complete rocket troopers maps are still possoble. I think most people hate the Engineers not because they can't kill units with it, but because its too easy to kill units with it.

I think the sniper is too weak in close combat. Increase the power of its pistol or give it a crosshair on normal view.

Yes, remove the glow from the mines, and make them destroyable from blaster fire.

Giving the Magnaguard a cloak would turn it into a Bothan Spy like unit. The units in SWBF2 don't vary between sides as much as in SWBF and I think they need to.

The Bothan Spy needs a backup weapon. One quick roll from an alert enemy and he is out of the Bothan's range. The incinerator reloading times seems the same as a rocket trooper's. Plenty of time for the enemy to kill the low armored Bothan. A weak pistol or the ablity to shoot at a distance a weak, short burst/jet of fire seems fine for a secondary weapon.

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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