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Originally Posted by Charie
I've always thought the opposite. Only the artist himself truly knows what he is and can name it.
Well, people are different, creators even more so. Perhaps that's individual for every one of them.
I agree, only him knows what he is; but I think it wouldn't be well received if he spoke it out loud.

By the way, you said that you liked Surrealism, on another thread. You would enjoy the works of the Spanish director Luis Bu˝uel; or even perhaps those of David Lynch.

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Of course I only know these silly facts because of tidbits on film business, ho ho ho.....what? Okay! So I'm a fan of Pixar! It's out in the open. Monsters Inc. was amazing. Stop looking at me.
Pixar has a great potential, they are making some great animations; I just wish they made some more serious projects.
However, I thought they had gone solo completely. Did you actually know that Pixar started with Lucasfilm?

Just because an artist is an artist (even a brilliant one) doesn't always mean they can't be an egotistic ass.
Unsurprisingly enough, many artistic geniuses are the most eccentric and egotistical people out there.

...And after that revelation, of course they cancelled it five episodes later.
Yeah, they tend to do that to decent television shows.
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