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Unsurprisingly enough, many artistic geniuses are the most eccentric and egotistical people out there.
That only makes them even more interesting. As for proclaiming themselves Geniuses - that would be recieved as another special artistic extravagancy, I gather.

you said that you liked Surrealism, on another thread. You would enjoy the works of the Spanish director Luis Bu˝uel; or even perhaps those of David Lynch.
I certainly like Surrealism, maybe even 'love', for although I favour many different genres and pieces of art, Surrealism shots straight to the very soul. This doesn't mean I often allow myself to enjoy it. Besides, I've encountered the type I love best mostly in literature.

By David Lynch, I've seen Mulholland Drive (didn't understand a thing, and wasn't too eager to try to figure something out), Dune, Elephant Man (that one I liked), and a couple of Twin Peaks episodes (I didn't have a chance to see the whole series, plus, I'm reluctant to watch series).
I don't think I've heard anything about Luis Bunuel; I'll need to ask father .
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