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I just watched "The Forbidden Zone". It's a complete callback to a lot of the 1930s films (which was why it was originally banned from theatres in the 80s for using blackface), and the sets were purposely two-dimensional to echo German Expressionistic films (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari coming to mind....). It was fun, and quite hilarious.

Unsurprisingly enough, many artistic geniuses are the most eccentric and egotistical people out there.
Back to David Lynch: the guy, as weird as his films are, is supposedly a pretty down-to-earth guy. I know on his website he visits the chatroom from time to time, and a couple folks from the chatroom he invited into his home once for lunch. They say he's not like his eccentric and "spacey" persona that the media and interveiweres tend to project on him.

On the other, my favorite Filmmaker, the only one beating Lynch and Kubrick to this day, is Terry Gilliam. And he's one artistic genuis, and while many say he's not as insane as some he is, he is definitely getting pretty nutsy in his old-age. He recently went up to speak at a premiere, which both Michael Palin and Terry Jones were at, and went on and one about how he's the only Python that ever did anything great and said the all the other Pythons were "washed up has-beens". Many concieve that since a couple of the other Pythons were there, it was meant as a practical joke, but even if that was a joke, it's still pretty nutsy. Not to mention that in an interview, talking about the infamous mud scene in the Brothers Grimm, that he felt "connected to the mud, as if it was a being". Hm...old people. He's still brilliant through.

Mulholland Drive (didn't understand a thing, and wasn't too eager to try to figure something out),
Mulholland Drive was a weaker one because, even though all his films can be considered nonsensical, they still all follow a structure that one can become involved in. Lost Highway was much better. In fact, let me list my favorites (it's a little crass, yes, but I'm still gonna do it).

1. Fire Walk With Me (10/10)
2. Lost Highway (10/10)
3. Blue Velvet (8.5/10)
4. Eraserhead (8/10)
5. The Straight Story (8/10)
6. Mulholland Drive (6.5/10)
7. Dune (6/10)
8. Wild At Heart (5/10)

However, I thought they had gone solo completely.
They did. Only Pixar makes Pixar films, but "presents" just means "distributed by".

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