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Originally Posted by Charie
I certainly like Surrealism, maybe even 'love', for although I favour many different genres and pieces of art, Surrealism shots straight to the very soul. This doesn't mean I often allow myself to enjoy it. Besides, I've encountered the type I love best mostly in literature.
How come you don't 'allow yourself to enjoy it'?

Since this is mostly a film thread; Un Chien Andalou (By Buñel and Dalí) is a must, if you enjoy this type of art. It's a short film, but probably one of the best expressions of it.

By David Lynch, I've seen Mulholland Drive (didn't understand a thing, and wasn't too eager to try to figure something out)
Don't you just love it when that happens? Being quite confused with a story, and then having to revise it and invastigate in order to get it, is just great. (And despite the fact that it might have sounded like irony, I am being serious).

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
I just watched "The Forbidden Zone". It's a complete callback to a lot of the 1930s films (which was why it was originally banned from theatres in the 80s for using blackface), and the sets were purposely two-dimensional to echo German Expressionistic films (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari coming to mind....). It was fun, and quite hilarious.
Never heard of that one.
Banned because of blackface? Amos 'n' Andy would have had a rougher time.

Back to David Lynch: the guy, as weird as his films are, is supposedly a pretty down-to-earth guy.
He's still brilliant through.
Talking about eccentric geniuses, Charlie Chaplin (one of the greatest creative minds of all times) is said to have been very harsh while directing. There is a story of him re-shooting a scene hundreds of times just due to the handling of a rose. He even re-casted the role and changed the set; until he finally gave up and included one of the very first takes in the movie.

Writers, directors, musicians, painters; they all had their things. I guess that when you are gifted with such talents, you cannot be blamed for it.

On the other, my favorite Filmmaker, the only one beating Lynch and Kubrick to this day, is Terry Gilliam

I must confess, all I have seen by Gilliam is Brazil (Which is great, by the way).
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