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How come you don't 'allow yourself to enjoy it'?
It seems that not only artists - we, mere mortals, as well - have some issues, sometimes. This one of mine concerns things I consider almost 'sacred'. I just can't bring myself to explore such matters in vain.

Since this is mostly a film thread; Un Chien Andalou (By Buñel and Dalí) is a must, if you enjoy this type of art. It's a short film, but probably one of the best expressions of it.
Oh, I've heard about that one ('cause Dali is inolved, and it's hard not to hear some things or other about Dali, from time to time). I think I need to find it, sounds like something defenitely interesting.

Don't you just love it when that happens? Being quite confused with a story, and then having to revise it and invastigate in order to get it, is just great.
It is; however, you need to be in love with the story all the same, even if not understanding it, to investigate, watch and re-watch it many times. And I wasn't impressed by Mulholland Dr. at all (well, it could be due to some inappropriate mood I was in when watching it, but I doubt that was the case with this movie).
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