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Originally Posted by Charie
I just can't bring myself to explore such matters in vain.
I get what you mean. The same things tends to happen to me with any sort of book or movie.

I postponed reading L'Étranger by Camus several times, just not to 'ruin' it.
Now, Existentialism is something I truly enjoy, by the way.

It is; however, you need to be in love with the story all the same, even if not understanding it, to investigate, watch and re-watch it many times. And I wasn't impressed by Mulholland Dr. at all (well, it could be due to some inappropriate mood I was in when watching it, but I doubt that was the case with this movie).
I haven't seen Mulholland Drive, so I don't have the slightest idea about it.

That's the thing with Surrealism; it tends to be a bit puzzling the first time.

Talking about Dalí, do you like Surrealist painters?
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