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Now, Existentialism is something I truly enjoy, by the way.
You mean in literature/movies/, or the whole idea? Is Existentialism your main way to see the world? Maybe I don't understand what does Existentialism really mean, but I thought it was a very pessimistic way to view the world.
Well, I didn't think of that much, mostly because it concerns philosophy, which I despise. Along with psychology. Would gladly put both in a sack and drown in the deepest of Marianas Trench. As scientific disciplines, at least. In my experience, they only give you headache (or worse) and bring no profit whatsoever.

That's the thing with Surrealism; it tends to be a bit puzzling the first time.
No-ah, it is not a bit puzzling all the time. And that is beautiful. I've always found the complete impossibility to understand entirely what happens in the unique wolrd of Surrealism most appealing. You can make guesses, but you still won't find the truth, ever.

Talking about Dalí, do you like Surrealist painters?
It's a shame, but I'm not really educated when it comes to visual arts (to tell the truth, when it comes to whatever, actually, with a possible exception of Harry Potter - now that's a shame in itself, I suppose). I don't know many Surrealists, so I don't think I'm able to answer your question.
However, I certainly love Impressionism and Symbolism, in both visual arts and poetry.

About Dali - I not once wondered if I'm completely stupid not to adore him as most of my acquaintance do. I don't feel Dali, even if I admit that he was a fabulous painter.
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