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Originally Posted by Charie
You mean in literature/movies/, or the whole idea? Is Existentialism your main way to see the world
Both. It has to do with the literature I read, influencing my way of thinking, and thus the way I see the world.

Maybe I don't understand what does Existentialism really mean, but I thought it was a very pessimistic way to view the world
As Jofa has pointed out, it is not a negative thing on its own; probably the most pessimistic one is the Nihilist movement.

It is not easy to define it; itís a philosophical movement that emphasizes the individual existence and freedom of choice. It depicts the desire to make rational decisions on an irrational setting. But its meaning varies from the different decades of its existence, and the beliefs of the existentialists differ as well.
Its best expression is seen on the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, whom some believe that the term should just be restricted to. You can find a great speech by him about the subject here (I should warn you about the length, and about some other things).

Now, it is related to Nihilism. They tend to defy the meaning and purpose of life, but only on different magnitudes.

Well, I didn't think of that much, mostly because it concerns philosophy, which I despise. Along with psychology. Would gladly put both in a sack and drown in the deepest of Marianas Trench. As scientific disciplines, at least. In my experience, they only give you headache (or worse) and bring no profit whatsoever
I recently got interested in philosophy and now highly esteem it; but I used to dislike it some time ago.
Such as there are some philosophical movements that are very interesting and answer-providing; there are others which are but a mere waste of time (to me, at least).

Those that try to give a far-fetched solution, with no real things to support it, are despicable. But most major doctrines escape this rule.

And that is beautiful. I've always found the complete impossibility to understand entirely what happens in the unique wolrd of Surrealism most appealing. You can make guesses, but you still won't find the truth, ever.
That is very true, every time you watch/read it you will most probably find something new. And that is the magnificence of it.
Any art form that includes symbolism is great; as a matter fact, I donít tend to catalogue something as Ďartí if it doesnít include any.

- About Dali - I not once wondered if I'm completely stupid not to adore him as most of my acquaintance do. I don't feel Dali, even if I admit that he was a fabulous painter.
- I'm not as much into Dali as I used to be, but it's true that the paintings aren't quite as vast when it comes to emotion.
I can but to agree with both of you; even though his paintings are extremely attractive to the eye, I never got much out of them.

Magritte is very good, his simple paintings hide a lot of meaning; but my favourite Surrealist is perhaps Max Ernst.

Also, I found a decent video club that has ĒFire Walk With MeĒ (amongst other excellent films). Unluckily, Iím not sure whether Iíd be able to rent it in the following days.

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