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I've never tried to ask about afterlife any strangers; and my acquaintances, as I said above, are mostly very materialistic persons.
However, once I new a man who sincerely believed in God and that he himself had seen an angel. I'd already known him for several years (and I had thought I knew him well enough!) before he told me about his experience with supernatural beings, and, you know, while I was listening to him I believed in what he was saying, too. There was some special mesmerism about him. But after I was released from his 'spell', everything he had said seemed utterly ridiculous.
Khm, this was just a memory.

I wasn't talking about YOU in particular
This knowledge doesn't prevent me from answering about myself, though. After all, that's somebody I know best.

I realised one day, that I would mature and I wouldnd't be morally alowed to play with it again.
My [seldom] friends (or people I waste my time with during the school year) mock at me for my desire to grow up, and they tend to claim that I had no childhood. But deep inside me, I miss those days in which one would just play, without giving a damn about anything else <...>.
Yes, not giving a damn and not being required to give a damn is bliss.
Do you really want to grow up, and do you count yourself mature? I suppose you have a good reason for that. I, on my part, don't want to grow up at all, never. And, so far, I haven't, however I'm afraid this might not last long (but I surely have a chance, just look at my father: fifty-six or so years old and not much more mature than me; much more intelligent and clever, though, of course). I still pretend most of the time (a habit), and I don't feel any 'moral allowances' bounding me. But I'm a bad example.
Why do those aquaintances of yours claim you had no childhood?

Being happy involves stability, which may become monotonous after a while.
I think sadness is underrated, without it, the concept of 'happiness' wouldn't exist.
Oh, indeed. I suppose I really did mean 'stability', which you have doubts about. Allah knows, I yearn for stabilty.
Besides, 'happy life's' concept, for me, involves mostly being as much content with it's course as possible; with failures, but always something to look forward to. And good warm people around, of course. And some sort of inner harmony. Sadness will always find a way, anyway, I don't need any additional.

I like a dose of both every once in a while, but I see to be getting more of sadness lately.
Hm. Same for me - was recently, at least.
Well, the more 'sadness' you get, the more you value little simple pleasures and comfort.

That line about you hating yourself for 'that' - does 'that' refer to 'being comfortable with' your life?

I am afraid of the death of people I care for; about losing them.
What I meant with suffering was not having a sad experience; but a painful one.
That's good for you - worrying about people you care for, I mean. I don't think I really care about anybody but myself, as crude as that sounds.

Pain's my foremost earthly fear, so to speak, but pain is a chance, and death is a certainty. Some upper level of dread, as well.

Really, whom?
...Er, I'm not sure. It's a very common aphorism, 'don't complain of your life, you could *not* have even that'. Some comedian created it, or so I've heard.

Now, my translation of GF was hideous, as I've mentioned not once before, but translating GF must be a tough task to accomplish even for the professionals, due to the excess of puns and special terms in the game.
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