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When it comes to surrealist artists, right now, Steven Cerio.
Thanks for the link, it cheered me up a lot. I like that style.

How about Magritte? Any of you into him at all?
I'm not. For me, most of his works are just funny ideas, not really worthy the effort put in them. I find no meaning there, plus, which, in my opinion, is the most unforgivable, his works are not beautiful.
I might enjoy (Shaitan, I do enjoy) some works without any deep meaning or feeling or sense, even if this is a pointer to my bad taste, if they are crafted and polished and 'pretty'. So, Magritte for me is neither pretty, nor meaningful - and I don't like him. Or ignore, more like.

so much of my mindset and life is based on working out the puzzle of the universe, and when I'm not doing that, I'm working out the puzzle of humanity. And when I'm not doing that, I'm watching cartoons.
That sounds as a high level of consciousness, on the whole.
My mindset is mostly centered on working out the puzzle of 'when will Harry Potter marry Severus Snape', or 'if I were some count with a castle'. And when I'm not doing that, I sometimes get in my head nonsensical questions like 'how are the tesseracts possible', for which I wouldn't understand the answers all the same.

El Virus
You don't really expect me to read that manuscript, do you? I'd better ask father, who was very interested in philosophy in the past. *checks the list of subjects she has to ask father about*

As for me, I'm undeniably a subjectivist, the way I view the world. By the way, the philosophy I tend to favour is that of Humpty Dumpty.

I suppose the fact that philosophy and psycology may be interesting to explore as various people's opinions is what I meant by my '<throw away> as scientific disciplines, at least' comment. Besides, I didn't have much experience with philosophy, so perhaps I'm berating it without actual reason. You know... all those tomes of opinions, in dry scientific language-style, which cover the walls of the living room - they look copmletely uninspiring.

Any art form that includes symbolism is great; as a matter fact, I donít tend to catalogue something as Ďartí if it doesnít include any.
This is vague, hence disputable. After all, one can't create something without using his own experiences and personality, which would result in some symbols anyway. I don't think that symbolism and 'deep veiled meaning' are the same.

And now, folks, I'm finally going to the market.
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