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was a dog in earlier life
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Wow, this conversation sure had turned deep. I have no idea what to contribute without interrupting you.

I think I'll start by admitting that Charie may have been right all along. Now that I really think about it (and everybody's examples helped a lot) it sounds absurd that being a Reaper is the only way for a soul to work off his/her time. I still think it's one of the worst, if not the worst, job offered, but definitely not the only one. So you all got me there.

About afterlife, does anyone believe in reincarnation? I'm positive that I was once a dog, no matter how utterly ridiculous it may sound. Laugh if you want, I don't mind. I think reincarnation is a very soothing option. If this life is a disappointment you may do better in the next. Of course, if one is one of those people who want to believe in eternal rest it may seem like hell instead.

However, what I don't like in the idea of reincarnation is that eventually you join the world spirit and become one with everyone else. Loosing one's individuality sounds awful.

Out of interest, do either of you believe in any sort of god or higher being?

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