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First let me apologize for the typos on my previous post; I was writing fast and didn't take the time to check it.

Originally Posted by Charie
Yes, not giving a damn and not being required to give a damn is bliss.
Do you really want to grow up, and do you count yourself mature? I suppose you have a good reason for that. I, on my part, don't want to grow up at all, never. And, so far, I haven't, however I'm afraid this might not last long (but I surely have a chance, just look at my father: fifty-six or so years old and not much more mature than me; much more intelligent and clever, though, of course). I still pretend most of the time (a habit), and I don't feel any 'moral allowances' bounding me. But I'm a bad example.
Why do those acquaintances of yours claim you had no childhood?
That has been the thing with me; all I ever cared for was being old enough to do whatever I wanted (not that it is a strange thing; it is quite common, I think); and I lost my chances to enjoy some situations.

I still adore imagining too, and it is why I practically never get bored, but it's not the same now.

My friends mock at me for my pessimism and apparent dislike towards childhood; mainly because they would like to be kids again, while I wouldn't. But we mock at each other for many things, and they see me as the pessimist of the bunch.

Oh, indeed. I suppose I really did mean 'stability', which you have doubts about. Allah knows, I yearn for stabilty.
Besides, 'happy life's' concept, for me, involves mostly being as much content with it's course as possible; with failures, but always something to look forward to. And good warm people around, of course. And some sort of inner harmony. Sadness will always find a way, anyway, I don't need any additional.
I like stability, but it is the monotony I cannot stand. One of the things that I like about life is not knowing what to expect, and being forced to improvise some time or another.
But don't get the impression that I'm a bum who is constantly changing his mind and leaving everything; because I am quite a stable and routinary person.

That line about you hating yourself for 'that' - does 'that' refer to 'being comfortable with' your life?
I 'hate' myself because I am part of a struggling middle-class normal family, have caring parents, etc. so I shouldn't be complaining, as there are tons of people who have it worse than me.
And this is also an issue, as I do not dare tell anyone when I feel sad or un-happy, just because I am certain they will tell me that I am being silly.

That's good for you - worrying about people you care for, I mean. I don't think I really care about anybody but myself, as crude as that sounds.
Don't think that I care about many people; the amount of relatives and acquaintances I get along with is quite small.

Now, my translation of GF was hideous, as I've mentioned not once before, but translating GF must be a tough task to accomplish even for the professionals, due to the excess of puns and special terms in the game.
What language was your game in? Russian?

Originally Posted by VmpireNaomi
About afterlife, does anyone believe in reincarnation? I'm positive that I was once a dog, no matter how utterly ridiculous it may sound. Laugh if you want, I don't mind. I think reincarnation is a very soothing option. If this life is a disappointment you may do better in the next. Of course, if one is one of those people who want to believe in eternal rest it may seem like hell instead.
I'm not too fond of the idea of reincarnation, mainly because having to go through all my life again would be tedious.
However, I like the idea of coming back to the world and being abke to start over; but just as a thought.

Out of interest, do either of you believe in any sort of god or heigher being?
No, I I am a convinced atheist, and lost my faith a long time ago.

As any normal young idealist, I went through a period when I wanted to find a suitable religion; since I found none that I actually could believe in, I settled with agnosticism.

Later on, after several events in my life (some of those, tragic ones), I began to actually question the subject; and I soon came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a deity (that was about the same time I found philosophy, art and history; which now take the task of being the subjects I read about most).
I also became closer to my father and my aunt (who share my views); and I am starting to get fed up with 'the Catholic Church', which is a debate for another time.

If you allow me to say it; you two are the most open-minded religious persons I know, and I truly respect you for that.

El Virus, the delete option should be the first thing you see when you try to edit a message. If that still doesn't work for you, I can delete the double post, if you want.
It isn't there. But I don't want to trouble you.
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