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While I was typing (at a snail's pace), there appeared another post. Damn.

The idea is that once you've lived a life good enough you can break free from the chain of being born again and again and become part of the world spirit which is what all souls crave for.
Aaah, now I remember hearing that somewhere, a long time ago. Well, that idea about becoming part of the 'world spirit' doesn't seem that bad to me, especially in comparison with no afterlife at all.

Really? Why do you think you have no choice? Family pressures or something else? You're the first person who I've met who believes in Allah, online or real life. Then again, I don't really see a difference between Him and the God Christians and Jews believe in.
What is real here, is that you shouldn't take me very seriously in this (and most of the other serious matters, mind you). My family comes from Muslims, Judaists and Christians, but my parents are atheists, so I wasn't taught to believe in God - quite the opposite, even. And I'm not educated in religion enough to state here something - so I won't.
I don't talk religion when I meet Muslims or Judaists from my family, or family friends (which happens quite rarely since I live here and most of them there), I don't even try to pretend I understand it.

I don't have the DELETE option, either.
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