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No, I I am a convinced atheist, and lost my faith a long time ago.
I think that suits you. Even before I asked the question I sort of knew you would say that. I can't explain it, but you have a some sort of intellectual and non-religious air around you.

If you allow me to say it; you two are the most open-minded religious persons I know, and I truly respect you for that.
And you're the most open-minded atheist I know. Too many people have laughed at my face for believing in anything and called me a mindless slave to the church.

It isn't there. But I don't want to trouble you.
It's no trouble, really. Just one click of a button.

What is real here, is that you shouldn't take me very seriously in this (and most of the other serious matters, mind you). My family comes from Muslims, Judaists and Christians, but my parents are atheists, so I wasn't taught to believe in God - quite the opposite, even. And I'm not educated in religion enough to state here something - so I won't.
I don't talk religion when I meet Muslims or Judaists from my family, or family friends (which happens quite rarely since I live here and most of them there), I don't even try to pretend I understand it.
I wouldn't say that. All your posts have been very insightful this far. Besides, does anybody really know anything worthwhile abour religions? Sure, we can quote the laws etc, but what I consider to be more important are people's personal views on them.

I don't have the DELETE option, either.
That's odd. Looks like only moderators can delete posts, then. Pretty annoying, and I'm sure I could delete mine when I had just joined. Perhaps the board update changed that.

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