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I now realise that post of mine could have sounded rather insulting or was not supposed to, really.

Originally Posted by Charie
Hey hey hey! Easy there, I did check the link. I just thought I didn't have the time to read it at the moment, and I'd simply forget about it later.
With that I meant that you are not forced to check the link, which would have been a better way to put it.
I'm sorry it it sounded rough, 'expect' seemed to fit when I first wrote it.

Even better, now: I feel accused of self-deception and - what was the other one? - of 'confining my own despair with yours'. The most depressing is the fact that this is the naked truth; it's just that self-deception is my way of viewing the world. Because I like it. Call that weak, I'm not denying. The most pessimistic thing about your precious Existentialism is that it sounds too much like rough realism, which is definitely overrated.
You shouldn't have taken that personally, I was just quoting from that text I provided. And it was to show why I actually give this sort of information out, which does not necessarily mean I agree with it.

Hm? I thought the opposite.
I guess they are just different . Symbolism as a genre, and deepness as a description.
And if you are talking about the artistic movement of Symbolism, then what you are saying is right.

Now, if you get the whole thing wrong (as I have) and thought that you were talking about the use of symbols hiding various meanings, then I wouldn't be so mistaken .


Once again, sorry about the problem; I hope you can forgive (if you feel angry or offended, that is).
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