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Originally Posted by Charie
Wrong, I was talking about what that art movement means, practically.
:: I keep getting it wrong.
But over all, were you talking about that movement?

Argh; don't even bother to answer me, I can be an idiot most some times.

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Taoism came back to me when I discovered the meaning behind the yinyang. I always believed that good and evil were the same thing, but no one really understood me when I said it. It was really cool to find out that there was a universal symbol that agreed with me, and the "harmony of opposites" became one of my first beliefs about nature in general.
If I remember correctly, Valis by Phillip K. Dick revolved around the subject on certain parts (that book, though not his best work, catapulted me into wanting to read more about philosophy).

Buddhism was something that interested me, but I really didn't want to get into anything that had any deity or leader.
It depends on the type of Buddhism; the religious and philosophical aspects differ a lot; the latter actually denies the existence of god (which is why I always believed it to be more of a doctrine than a religion), but I am not entirely certain whether they also hold the Dalai Lama as their leader.

I was reading about existentialism before hand and didn't get that much into it. First off, though you can take ideas from it and turn into your own thing, I still found a little arrogance in the words, and all in all the concept of the "anguish of being" really got to me. And how the "The concept of infinite nothingness" is a cause of that fear and anguish, and Taoism is a perfect counterpoint to that. I think that one of the many things that the "Tao" is, is that concept of infinite everything/nothingness and isn't meant to cause anguish but meant to be embraced.
The problem with it, is that it's meaning is constantly distortioned, and thus it is not easy to tell who is an existentialist writer and who isn't.

Even though I have not founded a philosophy to embrace; so far this one and Absurdism are the ones that interest me the most; but I am still young, and a newbie to such a broad topic, so my beliefs will probably keep drifting.
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