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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
I think that suits you. Even before I asked the question I sort of knew you would say that. I can't explain it, but you have a some sort of intellectual and non-religious air around you.
Why, thanks .

And you're the most open-minded atheist I know. Too many people have laughed at my face for believing in anything and called me a mindless slave to the church.
Not really, it all depends on the person and the situation I am confronted with.

I've certainly had my clashes with those extremely religious fellers who are not willing to give in on an argument and are extremely intolerant towards those different to them (Over birth control, ethics, Darwin and the government of my country, mostly). And as I have mentioned before, I hold a grudge against Church.

It's no trouble, really. Just one click of a button.

That's odd. Looks like only moderators can delete posts, then. Pretty annoying, and I'm sure I could delete mine when I had just joined. Perhaps the board update changed that.
Fine then, it is the same for me. This type of things gets my post count going, but it should be erased.
Anyway, it's your call.

I recall being able to delete posts two months ago, they must have changed it .

Originally Posted by Charie
As a short introduction, one of the words I use most often is 'hate'. I hate people who are cleverer than me, they make me feel mentally incompetent, and I hate those who are more stupid than I am, for the same reason, basically. Conclusion here is that, probably, I just hate humans on the whole (or, more preciesly, interacting with them).
So much for the lyrical digression.
Same happens to me, practically. People who are far cleverer than me or know more than me in a given area, I can stand up to a certain point, then I just get fed up with what they have to say; and those who are what I consider to be 'idiotic ignorants' (I know a lot of these, they seem to be piling up on the streets and in my classroom) I tend to have some difficulty relating to. But it depends on each individual.

What could a child possibly want that isn't allowed to him? Or maybe it's just me, I was (and am) a spoiled child, never really denied anything I wanted. What situations are you talking about?
I am a spoiled child too, which is not a hard thing to realise or to admit.

And I am happy with my life so far; but it's the possibility to do whatever you want without restrictions and the chance to have a job, what I like most about adulthood. I am also starting to get tired of school or any sort of mandatory studying, which is another purpose.

You know, that's a strange thought - about you as a child. I can imagine some much too serious for his own good, pondering little guy, astounding adults with his pessimistic philosophic views of the universe and refusing to eat candy or run along with other kids in favour of reading Socrates.
Nah; I was a normal kid, who was just a tad more serious and timid than the rest.

But your idea describes my current adolescence better; and accurately, if you add that eccentric attire of mine.

By the way, it's one of the things about my life I hate most: not knowing what to expect. Surprises. Mostly, both pleasant and unpleasant surprises end up badly for me. It's some talent I've got here, I suspect.
That's the bad side of it, a lot of surprises in life are unpleasant; and sadness takes away most of the happiness we have left.

For me, and up-tight guy who worries about everything(and I mean it), that can be quite tough.

Randomness is still good, though.

Yep, when I'm complaining, they always tell me just that: that there're others who suffer much much more than I do, and I'm just being blind egoistic. Oh, and, of course, that everything is in the end my own fault. As if I didn't know that myself.
I don't think that 'it could be worse' is a credible argument, however. See, it always could be worse, no matter the situation.
Being told that repeatedly makes you feel bad about yourself, and in addition even insignificant; which only makes the problem worse.
Ahh, parents...

As for not being able to tell anyone how you really feel - well, that only means you didn't find a right 'someone', yet.
Definitely. A shoulder to cry on, and somebody willing to listen, is one of the most positive things about a relationship.

I didn't think that. Sincerely caring about the small amount of close people is what is considered normal. And good. It's certainly way better than not worrying about anybody but yourself.
I've always been told that friendship is the most important thing, and those clichés. So I always thought that having twenty friends was normal.

Of course, I don't give a damn about that. All I want is a circle of three friends to talk with about subjects I find interesting (kind of why I joined this place).

And about you; you seem to care about your father a lot, or at least you talk well about him, which makes me think you are not as self-minded as you claim to be .

Hmpf. If you call that monstrosity I have on my disk Russian, then yes.
I don't suppose it was translated into Lithuanian or any other Baltic language; so forgive me if I was a bit speculative .

I cannot imagine that game in a Slavic language; it would have differed a lot.

(all because of Harry Potter)
What's with Harry Potter?, I never got around reading those, and I have been driven off now by all the publicity and fuss around it.

I'm not sure what does the mysterious notion 'young idealist' mean, especially a normal one, but once I sort of mused it would be nice to have a religion. Out of interest. As for Islam - I still didn't find a time to explore the religion properly (all because of Harry Potter), but I want to believe and I will, it's as simple as that (well, plus a couple of personal little matters). Until I don't want. Allah help me. You won't find deep philosophical meaning when concerning me; I don't appreciate profound sacraments and grave approach to the subject (any subject) very much.
I find the way you decided to go for a religion you did not know about much, and had not been thought to believe in, to be very interesting.
It certainly proves your determination and individuality. Besides, it's not as if it were Christianity, which is quite common; but Islamism, which due to the leading hegemonies, is a margined belief.

I think that a positive thing about religion is that I can give people hope.
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