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A couple things. For the KotOR I characters, Juhani, Jolee, and Mission could all die, so I don't think we will seeing a major part from them. Of course, Jolee would probably be dead anyways, regardless of whether you killed him, which is why I say have him as a force ghost or something.

As for TSL, I know what you are talking about for Atton, but just so you know SOCR: He doesn't die no matter what, there are other cut endings with that where he survived and goes off with the Exile in the Unknown Regions.

BUT, with all that- why do you think the devs are going to pay attention to the cut content? Of course they are going to go on what happened in the finished product, they wouldn't base K3 on things that were left out of TSL. It doesn't matter that Atton could have died in the cut content, that ending was left out of the finished game, so they aren't going to throw that in like it actually happened in the game. That isn't the "real" ending- just an ending that was left out.

Originally Posted by SOCR
and it would be cool if Mandalore was actually canderous.
Guess what. He is, Kreia tells you.

Originally Posted by SOCR
T3 maybe, but like g0-t0, not a big part
No, keep the droids. They've been here this long, they need to stay. T3 is a very important character, and it would be criminal (especially considering the stuff he knows about the Exile and Revan) to leave him out but have HK. Except for G0-T0. I don't think that evil droid needs any courtesies at all.

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