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I imagine this is a dumb question,but,its impossible to mod the PSP version thru adding files to the memory stick right?

of course not being able to look at the stock contents probably gives that away...

I apologize if this question has been asked before (and I imagine it has) and is getting annoying, but the game devs would be smart by adding modablility to PSP games.

I'd just like to swap the map Heros, I'd like to know what drunk guy picked those,for instance ppl like Yoda,Grievoes,and the Fetts are in there 4 times (not 4 different maps forsay,maybe 2 maps with 1 hereo being there for both 'good' or 'bad' factions),while dooku and Aayla Secura are only in Assault mode. I figure if u have Mace Windu on Yavin and Anakin for the Empire's Villian on Mustaphar,I think the Heros should be evened out more, since some of the stock ones dont make any sense anyway. Theres definetly gotta be a map with Yoda vs Sidy...(its insulting the franchise not to,lol)

Altho if u could add stuff like maps and characters to the PSP...[places word or phrase here to mean something uber kewl]

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