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Fine then, it is the same for me. This type of things gets my post count going, but it should be erased.
Well, I'll get rid of it after posting this. It's been a while since I got to play God and I need my delusions of power.

What - personally? Why would you care, if you don't believe it?
I know this was directed at El Virus, but a lot of atheists I know don't like the church because it tries to control people's lives and is eager to judge those who don't live by the moral rules they've set. Also, lots of inhuman actions have taken place because of church. Then again, it also depends on what church we're talking about.

Virus, you're probably under the influence of the Catholic Church, am I right?

Charie, your views on Harry Potter are fascinating. I preferred the first four books because they were the only ones that surprised me in the end. The last two have been a little too obvious and I guess I miss the childlike innocence of the first books. Still, they're definitely worth reading and shouldn't be overlooked just because they're popular.

Virus, who is that in your current avatar? Lenin?

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