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I also grow quite frustrated with people who insist that killing in the name of religion is right.
They are just mad. I don't know. I can't comprehend it in the slightest. The 'killing in the name of religion' usually stands for 'in the name of some big evil guy in the current highest ranks of religion's main institution', or so I think. Somebody obviously needs it.

Now that you mention it, I can't remember if I guessed Kreacher's involvement, but at least it wasn't a shock in the same way the Crouch Jr. thing was in the fourth book. That was something totally unexpected.
For me Quirrel, Ginny, Pettigrew, Crouch Jr. and Kreacher were all highly unexpected. Perhaps by the time of the fifth book we've just grown accustomed to such surprises and took it as a habit to suspect each and everyone. Constant vigilance)).
Besides, wasn't Snape a shock in himself, even despite the Unbreakable Vow?

I particularly liked how Sirius was mentioned in the first book even though he became important in the third one. Such a small detail, but it makes the world seem a lot more real.
Oh, I need to reread all the books, frankly. I don't remember details. What was he doing there, for real?.. Too late to warn Potters, if memory serves me.
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