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So many things to quote...
This one is going to be long.

Originally Posted by Charie
My class had always been considered 'intelligent elite' of the school, and for a reason. It's terrific to live every day among oh-so-clever-perfect-scholar-minded coevals, and it also presents a perfect challenge.
Heh, it's the complete opposite here. My class is considered the worst. Teachers are constantly comparing us to the rest of the high school, mainly because most misbehave and don't do well at school. And what is even better, we have earned the reputation of being the class that complains about anything so they do not take us seriously anymore.

What bothers me the most is that I go to a private institution (not exactly cheap), and the place is a mess. On winter, we have no proper heating (er, last year there was a gas leak; so we had to stand all winter without a heater); our blackboard canít be written on; we have power shortages; on summer, there is no air conditioning, only a fan (which is broken, by the way), and due to the noisy street we have to have the windows closed. One would think that they would use the money they make for repairs, but they keep it al to themselves.

Sorry, I have to vent & bitch somewhere.

I still don't get what restrictions you are talking about. Those raised by the lack of your own money? Next, where do you work, if it's not top-secret, and what's so great about it?
I would like to have the career I want to (I am sure that I will be a workaholic, some time or another), being taken more seriously and having more responsibilities; thats all.
I don't work, officially at least. It's not common over here for a minor to do sod. But I am working as my father's assistant; and could have a chance in some other jobs, but working right now does not good for me.

And the only way I can become a private investigator with a degree on forensic science is if I go to a University and do a six-month course on PI.
At least that's what I want to become now; but my love for History may have some say in what I do sooner or later.

Do you have any idea of what you'd like to follow?
Finding the right career is probably one of the most important and difficult decisions one has to make (or so I have been told).

That's intriguing. And how would you describe your attire-style, in detail? Why do you call it 'eccentric'?
I'll make it short, because I could go on forever.

Elegant and Vintage clothing are my thing. Hats, suits, shoes, you name it; especially those of the 40s. The problem is that a 16-year old dressed on such 'elaborate' things is usually seen as somebody who wants attention (ironically, I hate being in the spotlight). Try to wear a boater hat on summer without people laughing at you.
It's eccentric because dressing on things of an exclusive period is rather strange; people usually say "It's the XXIst century, you now?" or similar things (or just stare at you). (Of course, I might dress more casually on summer, but the rest of the year it's like that).

Ahh, materialism...

'A shoulder to cry on', coming from a bloke, sounds so... so... cute! You know, men are supposed to provide a shoulder, not use one.
I could answer with a stereotype about women, you know

The truth, I am one of those sensible men; which can be a curse sometimes.

I've always accepted that to call somebody a Friend means a lot.
That is why I barely use it; it is a word that should be reserved for people one truly cares for, and I still don't have many opportunities to use it.

Are either of you the kind who make friends easily?

Why can't you imagine a GF in Russian?
I adore that language, but somehow a game that has so much Spanish content must be strange; they didnít include words in Spanish, did they?

Is Russian your main language?

I've read the first book when there had already been four translations of them and the first movie, - by pure accident. I simply had an excess of money in my pocket and, walking by a bookstore, I idly mused whether that pompous sensation was actually worth reading.
You know, it's a story about Life.
That's one deep way to put it. I always thought it to be a commercially overrated thing; guess I'll have to spare my prejudice.

But fantasy...I've never cared about the genre.

Originally Posted by Me
I think that a positive thing about religion is that I can give people hope.
Sorry, that should have been 'it'. It's amazing how a simple letter missing and capitalizing the one remaining can change the meaning of a sentence, and make one look like a god.

It can give people hope, for it helps as a guide, for some; and it gives strength to others.

-For me Quirrel, Ginny, Pettigrew, Crouch Jr. and Kreacher were all highly unexpected. Perhaps by the time of the fifth book we've just grown accustomed to such surprises and took it as a habit to suspect each and everyone. Constant vigilance)).
Besides, wasn't Snape a shock in himself, even despite the Unbreakable Vow?

-Hagrid mentions him in the beginning and says that he borrowed Sirius' motor cycle.
I don't get a word of what you're saying...

What - personally? Why would you care, if you don't believe it?
But it has to do with what VampireNaomi said.

[Before you read what follows, keep in mind I am a biased person]

If there is something I believe in, is the separation between Religion and Politics. They are two different things, and should never go together.
The first is something that you might believe in or not; if you do, you'll probably stick by the values preached by it; if you don't, there is no reason why you should be forced to. And the latter, politics, is something that needs to exist (unless you believe that every sort of governmental institution is wrong; but you would be an Anarchist, and that is an ideology as well), without it Man wouldn't be organized, and civilization as we know it wouldn't exist.
Now, the deal with the Catholic Church is that they are trying to influence governments all over the world; and that does matter me. This is especially true in my country, were we have many high-ranked church members criticizing every move towards civil liberties. Abortion for example is an issue that they constantly keep trying to influence people in; and the things that they are willing to spread just to stop it are incredible (i.e. "Abortion is murder, choose life!"). This will sound extremist, but every move they make in favor of their selfish beliefs (I'm not even sure what they get out of it, money?, power?; they certainly couldn't care less about people), is one more move against total freedom.

I also grow quite frustrated with people who insist that killing in the name of religion is right.
"God told me to invade I_ _q" A president once said; this is a sybol to anything I think is wrong.

No matter in the name of what huge cause, killing is probably never right. War is a real stupidity, and despite how many things leaders claim, they are not doing it in the name of freedom, but for their own profit. At least, that's in theory; there are extreme cases, and those need to be dealt with on some way.

Just out of curiosity and with other purposes; what's your stance on abortion?

But, I'm getting carried away, and I am not looking foward to hurt anybody.

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Virus, who is that in your current avatar? Lenin?
Close. It's Leon Trotsky, whom I always thought to be more capable than Vladimir Lenin himself. On a way, it's a real shame he was murdered.

I think I am going for this avatar, but I don't know.

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