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What bothers me the most is that I go to a private institution (not exactly cheap), and the place is a mess. On winter, we have no proper heating (er, last year there was a gas leak; so we had to stand all winter without a heater); our blackboard canít be written on; we have power shortages; on summer, there is no air conditioning, only a fan (which is broken, by the way), and due to the noisy street we have to have the windows closed. One would think that they would use the money they make for repairs, but they keep it al to themselves.
Wow, that's unbelievable. Can't you complain to someone or even sue whoever is in charge? Or are there any other possible schools in the area? How can they expect anyone to put any effort into their studies in a environment like that?

And the only way I can become a private investigator with a degree on forensic science is if I go to a University and do a six-month course on PI.
Private investigator? That would be awsome. I think you've got the right state of mind to be one of those world-weary detectives you see in the old movies. At least you know enough about history, politics, philosphy etc. to have interesting internal monologues. Good luck with chasing your dream.

I don't really know what to say to your problem with the Catholic Church. The situation your describe is alien to me and I have no idea what it is like to live in a country where the church has so much power. As you said, the church should have no say in politics. Didn't some very important guy say that? Martin Luther or someone like that?

Close. It's Leon Trotsky, whom I always thought to be more capable than Vladimir Lenin himself. On a way, it's a real shame he was murdered.
Ow, didn't even think of him. I really should visit the Lenin Museum some time to get to know these things.

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