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Okay, Here goes........

Once in the fuel station itself the first thing you do is blast the Gran straight ahead, go to the wall panel and hit the switch. This is the only swith you need to hit to adjust the fuel levels. (quicksave there). Proceed down the ramp fragging everything in sight, making your way downward until you come to the control room directly under the entrance to the station. (not the control room directly ahead, you have already cleared that one to move down to this point) Blast all enemies, and make your way into the crawl sapce to find the wrench, and elevator. Go up the elevator to get the wrench. Once this is done, work your way back down to the bottom of the station, again, clearing all enemies as you go. Open the first door on the large tank in front of you. Go inside, turn around, and close the door. You are now in the tank with both doors locked. Kyle will say something about not using blasterfire in here. Go to the end of the tank, open the door, go thru, and close it right behind you again. (quicksave here too). From here on out it is a little long and drawn out run, with lots of fuel as a hazard. CHECK YOUR FIRE!! Last tip, remember to lock the big rotating gear-like doors behind you in the main fuel tunnels, you can not proceed unless you do!!

I'll leave the rest open so I don't ruin it for you!!

Good luck, May the force be with you!!

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