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The next weeks were both frustrating and exhilarating to the girl. She learned to direct the force, to leap twice her height from a flat footed stance. To run all day through a course mixing distance and height jumps that would have tired her out in minutes before. To pull things toward her, or push them away with nothing but a thought. To wield a lightsaber with enough finesse to cut a sheet of paper from a pad.
What she couldn’t figure out was how to fix the damn table. It had been removed from the dining hall, and every time she went in, the empty space shamed her. The table had been moved to an adjoining room, where she could try at any time to ‘fix’ what she had broken.
The other students still kept their distance though she could tell a lot of them wanted to ask her how it felt to actually make your own lightsaber.
She didn’t have the fine control of the force Jaden had shown, holding each piece where it belonged. She had the brute force part down, able to haul or shove away a ton or more. But holding dozens of pieces exactly where they belonged was not only tiring, it was frustrating.
After two months she despaired of ever succeeding.
She shrieked in fury, and the pieces flew aside. One hit the wall and shattered into even more shards, and she collapsed to her knees, wanting to cry.
There was a hesitant knock and she spun to face the door. A young boy, maybe fifteen or so stood there. Mali something. Drossi. She recognized him, but had never spoken to him.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Jaden says I won’t be able to help others until I learn how to fix things that are broken.” She waved angrily at the table. “I broke it, now I have to fix it.”
“May I?” Mali motioned. She waved at the debris angrily. The boy came over, and gently lifted the piece she has just shattered. He looked at it critically. “You know, glue would fix this right up.”
“Glue!” She threw her hands up. “I can’t use glue!”
“Why not?”
“Jaden said-” She stopped. “He said I had to fix what I broke. That until I know how to fix things, I can’t help others.”
The boy grinned. “Did Master Jaden say you had to use the Force instead of glue?”
She mentally ran the scene through her mind. The table intact with just the force holding it. When you can put the table back as it was, you will be ready for the next step.
It is always easier to destroy than to fix something. To help people, you have to be willing to fix things first.
“Oh, it can’t be that easy!”
“Why not?” Mali chuckled. “Have you ever noticed that the Masters always talk about restraint when using the force? Use it, but don’t use it too much?” He set the piece down. “When you face the Trials, you’ll have to use not only the force but your brains. Anyone could blow their way through a problem with force or weapons.”
“You’re right. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. You’re Twyna, right?”
“Yes. And your Mali Drossi.”
“Guilty as charged.” He struck out his hand. She flinched back, and he lowered it. “Sorry if I have offended you.”
“Oh no! It’s just, I’ve been hurt a lot. I get nervous and scared when people try to touch me.”
He smiled gently. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything here. And it doesn’t bother you to touch other people if it’s your choice.“ She looked at him quizzically and he looked down. Her eyes followed. As she had spoken to him, explaining her problem, she had reached out, catching his hand in hers. Now she was holding it with both hands in a tight grip.
She let go, stepping back fast. She clutched her hands as if they might take a life of their own.
“Hey, no problems.” Mali said. “If you’d like, I can help.” He motioned toward the table. “The glue has to set, you know.”
She found herself smiling. “I’d like that.”
Three days later, Jaden stood looking at the repaired table. He walked around it critically, then looked at the pair that faced him.
“Who said you could ask for help, or receive it?” He pointed at Twyna.
“If I may?” Mali asked.
Jaden rounded on Mali. “Silence. Who said you could help her?” Jaden asked harshly.
“He offered, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without help!’ Twyna cried out. She looked as if someone had slapped her for greeting them.
He walked over, leaning on the table. He looked at Twyna. “You’re my student, so you start. What did you learn from working on this project?”
“That the force is not always the answer.” She whispered. “That sometimes the mundane ways are better because they are more personal and just as efficient.” She waved hesitantly at Mali. “That sometimes you need help, and it isn’t a shame to ask for it. That some people will hurt you, a lot will ignore you, but some will help when asked.” She shrugged, grinning slightly, “Or like Mali even before they have been asked.”
“Mali? Anything to add?”
“That using your head is more important than using the force.” He motioned toward Twyna. “To take into account the feelings of those in pain, and help them past it.”
Jaden glared, then slowly the glare faded into a smile. “Well done, Twyna. Well done, Mali.” He clapped his hands sharply, and look at the table again. “Now can you cooperate enough to put it back where it belongs?”
The children grabbed the table, but it was too heavy for them to move by hand. Jaden smiled, motioning Mali to move over beside Twyna. “Now all together, lift!”
Months past and Twyna grew apace. She found her abilities with the force growing, and soon she stood before Master Skywalker.
He had a distracted air, but she knew that he always seemed a bit distracted. He was carrying the formation of the Jedi order and at the same time trying to bolster the fragile New Republic with every breath. She didn’t see how he had enough hours in a day or days in a year to do all that he had set for himself.
“Jaden tells me that you are ready for the Jedi trials.” Luke said.
“Really?” She wanted to swell with pride, but knew that like all such emotions, it could lead to the dark side. “If he says I am, I will have to take his word for it.”
Luke smiled. “But before you take them, Jaden has a mission I have assigned to him. I would like you to accompany him.”
“Of course, master.”

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