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i walked back to camp and sat back down."just sitting here is boring!if were supposed to be scouting the planet why are we waiting to be eaten?!?!im gonig to go find somthing to shoot." sev said."going out to shoot somthing?i cant stand this jungle...this place gives me the creeps." scorch said before sev left."Ah, Scorch... Nothing better than a jungle hunt. Hiding in the bush, putting a plasma bolt through a hostile's cranium...*sighs wistfully* makes me feel alive" sev responded."Okay, now 0-7s giving me the creeps." scorch said,right as sev walked off.then the turrets came up and alot of dinos came.apparantly they were afraid of him.hehe......anyway,when sev came back,they all ran off."im gonig out to scout the area." i said,and they all followed me,including the raptor.after awhile,we saw some hostile raptors running down the cliff path to our left,and i loaded up a sniper and shot them all down."see what i mean?" sev asked,seeing i sent plasma bolts through their craniums.i walked off,ignoring sev.eventually we came to a structure that was covered in plants.but inside,it was completely unharmed.dino 'toys',a buffet....its almost as if the place was meant to be an ammusment park.i looked over my shoulder and saw somone wearing a light blue shirt with a yellow hardhat under some rubbel having a brown substance in a wrapper.i walked over to see if he was still in the right mind,meaning not crazy."eh..more survivors?here,have a candy bar.its about all i can reach from here." he said,and i scanned the wrapper and it came up with somthing called 'chocolate'.the worker looked at the scanner,then me and everyone and everything else."i must be loosing my mind from all the chocolate..." he said."wh-whe-where are y-y-you from?" he asked,acting kinda shifty."kamino,kamino,kamino,kamino,deralia,tatooi ne,
deralia,kamino,trade federation cruiser,ORD mandell,and nar shadaa." we all said squad and zeta 392 were clones from kamino,me and omega were from deralia(even though im a clone) and so on.(THE OOM-9 was in our squad.) he looked around and then he probably went crazy for a second.i moved the rubbel by hand,but not using my actual arm(meaning i used the force) and then the worker truly went crazy.i shocked him with a stunstick and that seeme to put him in the right mind again."clones....droids...jedi.." he said,still shifty."ya ya you can remind us of our species some other time,now lets find any other survivors." i said,then walked off with everyone following.

the covenant is invading!

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