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To the Modders: EAWEd?

I've seen a lot of posts for the start of projects for a game that hasn't been released yet..... :

Myself, I'd only post "news" about a mod when it's done, because (like all mods for all games), not all of them will see the light of day (glow of monitor? lol)


I see lots of plans for mods from different areas, and they look interesting and such. However, I haven't seen a team assemble to create a basic editor for the game. Keep in mind- Petro has said that the game will be accessable (you can get at the info, like in RTW or any number of games), but it will not come with an editor!

So, how about a team to make a basic editor for EAW? Think the good old TIEed and XvTEd (I got a LOT of miles on XvTEd, some good missions too!), or even RebEd for the Rebellion folks- just a simple program that would let people easily play with the unit values if they so choose.

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