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This comes as an answer to everyting above exept the last El Virus's post. Shaitan, I'm slow.

Not really. I had been suspecting [Snape] for quite a while.
Since I haven't read the book I can't really say anything on the matter, but when I first heard the rumour: 'you-know-who killed you-know-who' - it was somewhat a strong blow. Because I trust Severus Snape. Still, or at least until the seventh book proves me wrong.

El Virus
<about school> Sorry, I have to vent & bitch somewhere.
Accumulating bad emotions without giving a vent to them from time to time isn't healthy, anyway.

I went to the free public school, which was all but falling to pieces, on the outside, mostly because the building served as a hospital during the War and was hardly renewed since then. But that is highly uncommon, plus inside it was completely all right. Besides, our teachers were ones of the best in town - from Russian schools, I mean. Can't imagine how a private school can exist with the conditions you have described, but I guess it's too late for you to change institution; so - my condolences, if you permit me.

At least that's what I want to become now; but my love for History may have some say in what I do sooner or later.
I suppose you'd make a terrific (in the best sense of the word) historian. I've heard that's an amazingly interesting field of work, for a devouted soul; yet I reckon it's extremely hard to become anything big in it.
Mmm. I admit have a soft spot for historians thanks to the History teacher I had at school (I wonder what made him go and teach, though, for his main profession was researcher/archaeologist, something like that). To listen to him talking about - about whatever historian, actually - was a sheer bliss. All sounded more like involving fiction stories, or, better to say, beautiful tales from far past (or not very far); however, hurrying to write down his lections was hell. By the way, he'd always worn painstakingly neat formal, one could even say, old-fashioned clothes, and never gave in on the question of the mark he thought you deserved, the bastard. He was thirty-five, I suppose, when I was in the final form, my close friend had a charming crush on him.

Do you have any idea of what you'd like to follow?
Finding the right career is probably one of the most important and difficult decisions one has to make (or so I have been told).
Yep, that's important, although most people end up doing something completely different from what they had in mind or studied for. I guess that's what's going to happen to me after all, for I've known exactly what I wanted to study since I was a very small kid. One of the faculties in the Academy of Arts. I'd been looking forward to it for as long as I remember myself (that's not much, mind you; my memory's tricky), until something happened, about two years ago, and made practically a ruin of me. And I still don't particularly feel like a phoenix to rise from the ashes.

The problem is that a 16-year old dressed on such 'elaborate' things is usually seen as somebody who wants attention (ironically, I hate being in the spotlight).
So, unusual hats, suits, shoes and, I bet, starched shirts (that's my special fetish). Your style sounds engaging, you know. Aren't there battalions of girls falling at you feet?
Sometimes I know I'd love to look as old-fashioned as I could, but my clothes are not many and there's no particular style in them, so I don't really have much to do about it.
As for spotlights, I don't think that providing eye-candy for the passers-by is the same as being in the spotlight. To end up in the spotlight one have to act in an eye-catching way, not just look funny.
'A memorable picture of an incomparably dressed Mexican (or, what country are you from, actually? I'm as good in Geography as in Philosophy) boy, reciting ancient wisdoms in the moonlight under the tent of palm leaves'. Oil on canvas.
...Absurd art, more like, isn't it?

I could answer with a stereotype about women, you know.
The truth, I am one of those sensible men; which can be a curse sometimes.
What stereotype? That we are supposed to cry on somebody's shoulders? I used to do that quite a lot, some time ago. Nervous breakdown, it's called.
If you mean 'sensible' as 'sensitive' (which you might not, certainly), why's that a 'curse'?

Are either of you the kind who make friends easily?
A tough question. I suppose I am; I would make friends easily if I needed more than one person at a time. Sort of antisocial; one friend means I can give him a proper attention: literally, all the attention I'm willing to spare on relations.

I adore that language, but somehow a game that has so much Spanish content must be strange; they didnít include words in Spanish, did they?
Is Russian your main language?
Of course they did include Spanish words, they 'translated' it from English, after all.
I love Russian, too, and yes, that's my main language. And the only one, actually, if you won't count that scant amount of English and the even scantier Lithuanian I fumble with. I was born in USSR, and my father's Russian. Lithuania is only a territory where my parents have met, accidentially, and I'm proud to say I have nothing to do with Lithuanians at all. I don't have a native country, like most of my friends.
Do you know Russian language?

I always thought [Harry Potter] to be a commercially overrated thing; guess I'll have to spare my prejudice.
But fantasy...I've never cared about the genre.
That's one of those weird examples of a really worthy and commercially overrated things.
I don't know if I care about fantasy, for I've never read any, save for the 'Lord of the Rings'. I don't consider Harry Potter fantasy at all. Well, there is magic and some mythological creatures, but the world is perfectly real - it's our world, that's the beauty of it. Only with a little admission that wizardry does exist. I wouldn't know in what genre to place HP; the closest would probably be a tale, but it is much too real for that.

Sorry, that should have been 'it'. It's amazing how a simple letter missing and capitalizing the one remaining can change the meaning of a sentence, and make one look like a god.
*blink blink* I didn't notice that.
Yeah, I suppose you can give people hope. That humanity isn't that lost of a case, that is.

I don't get a word of what you're saying... [about HP]
That's because you loose your time reading all that scientific nonsense, amigo. We, the frightful and mighty potter-fans, make science of nonsense, on the other hand.

<...>politics, is something that needs to exist (unless you believe that every sort of governmental institution is wrong; but you would be an Anarchist<...>
Now, the deal with the Catholic Church is that they are trying to influence governments all over the world; and that does matter me. This is especially true in my country, were we have many high-ranked church members criticizing every move towards civil liberties.
What would you call a person who knows that politics needs to exist, but all the same considers it downright wrong? You may call me Charie, or VIP, as in Very Ignorant Politically. Like Count Almaviva said, can't do anything about it, so I just have to stand it.

Like VampireNaomi, I'm very far from the situation you have described. I wonder if the official Church has any control here; I guess if it has any, then definitely not much. Apart from overall free-like European views, here it probably has something to do with the still lingering post-USSR antireligious spirits.
What you have told reminds me of what I've heard about Middle Ages, somehow. Makes me wonder even more as to what country you live in.

"God told me to invade I_ _q" A president once said; this is a sybol to anything I think is wrong.
He did say that? 0.0 Everyone tells me Bush is a real jerk, to put it lightly. My father visited me yesterday and we talked about Iraq, among other things, a bit. Do I understand it right that Americans went to Iraq for oil? If so, did they get it, eventually?

Just out of curiosity and with other purposes; what's your stance on abortion?
Mother's choice, of course. I don't get it how it could be anyone else's buisness. Besides, is my guess right and most of anti-abortion fellows are men?
Also, I don't see it as murder. Murder is a kill of a human, isn't it? And a three-months fetal doesn't sound like a human to me. Not yet. If I remember biology, a human fetal shares quite a few traits with many other spieces' fetal forms.
But I don't understand motherhood (or biology) that well, thus I may sound cynical.

Close. It's Leon Trotsky.
Oh. I should have guessed.
...Well, I rarely do what I should.
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