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I feel guilty of writing too much.

El Virus, in addition.
It will sound arrogant, but the things that I have learnt alone are those that still tick with me (not that I haven't learnt anything at that place; but what I mostly get is nervous problems); I do hesitantly recognize its importance.
It sounds entirely normal. I've always thought that that's just the thing school is for: to give you tasks and then correct your mistakes. Of course most the studies happen at home, especially when the teacher isn't a gifted one. Our class hardly attended usual classes led by average teachers, save for getting tasks and writing tests. Well, in the upper forms, at least. But we were lucky and got most of the best teachers, whose lessons were really something.

I guess teachers don't get much salary all around the world. Most of mine had some other jobs, as well.

The way I put it, it seemed as if it would only require 6 months of university. It actually is a six-month course and 5 + years in medicine and laws.
We could understand the implication .

I'm planning to go to Europe in the near future (in about 1-2 years), and that is one of the places I'm looking forward to visiting.
What, Lenin Museum in Finland?
I've heard Finland to be a beautiful country.
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