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The good thing about my school is that it's educational level is better than that of a public school, and it gives me the chance to take many international exams.
How long do you have to keep studying there until you can move elsewhere? That reminds me, I have no idea how old you are.

The problem here is that public schools are in even worse conditions, and their education is eclipsed by the strikes the teachers cause (they are paid far too little; and it's an important job; I knew a public school teacher who had to work as a cab driver and a nurse as well, just to mantain his family) and the amazingly great scholar program which leaves a lot to wish for (history for instance, is one subject which is thought the wrong way); etc.
That poor teacher. My Brazilian friend told me that public schools have such problems in that part of the world, but I never suspected it could be that bad for the teachers.

Out of interest, how is history taught wrong?

School is a thing, which to the surprise of some, I loathe. It will sound arrogant, but the things that I have learnt alone are those that still tick with me (not that I haven't learnt anything at that place; but what I mostly get is nervous problems); I do hesitantly recognize its importance.
I don't think it's arrogant. I'm sure that most people would hate school if they had to study in similar conditions to yours. And studying in an institution just isn't meant for all people, regardless of the conditions or their intellectual level. In some way you remind me of Mika Waltari, a Finnish author who loathed the idea of finishing his education because he felt it took time from what he really loved; writing.

But it has more to do with the fact that I can do the same as a 'forensic scientist' but without a boss (and working mostly by myself; paradise indeed).
Are there a lot of private investigators over there? Is it a profitable profession? What kind of jobs do you expect to get? As you can guess, this is a profession I only know from movies and don't know a thing about its realitites.

What about you? Do you have any idea of what you will do?
Heh, I'm going to become a teacher and teach kids how to speak English and German. It's not really what I want to do, but I want to work with languages, it's a relatively respected and well paid profession with weekends, Christmas, summer, Easter etc. always off duty so, it's worth it.

Uhuh, and the funniest thing is that some sources show that countries which have separated the Church from the State (and have a big percentage of non-believers) are doing better on every sense (except on suicide rates).
True. We're somewhere on the top of the suicide list. I think it's because people have forgotten the meaning of really caring about each other. Our society sets firm rules; you have to be young, beautiful and successful if you want to be worth anything. If you fail to accomplish that you've failed in life.

I'm planning to go to Europe in the near future (in about 1-2 years), and that is one of the places I'm looking forward to visiting.
Give a shout if you do. I'll give you a tour in The Spy Museum

Charie (stole your colour idea )

Since I haven't read the book I can't really say anything on the matter, but when I first heard the rumour: 'you-know-who killed you-know-who' - it was somewhat a strong blow. Because I trust Severus Snape. Still, or at least until the seventh book proves me wrong.
Oh, I trust him too. There is a scene in the book that must be mean that everything is not what it seems.

What, Lenin Museum in Finland?
Yeah, it's in Tampere. Never been there though, sadly.

And you say your first language is Russian? You've got such a beautiful alphabet, you know. I studied one course of it at school, but quit because it was interactive studying and I hate that.

And your English is very good, so you could very well call it your second language.

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