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That reminds me, I have no idea how old you [, El Virus,] are.
He stated his birthday date in his profile.

Out of interest, how is history taught wrong?
I keep answering questions not directed at me.
History is a subject which could be taught the wrongest way possible at school in a country with prejudiced goverment. No need to search far for an example: take USSR's role in the world's events. In Lithuania, it is a very common thing nowadays to vilify everything concerning Soviet Union, and completely bathe it in dirt - - because those sycophants of the governors lick USA's... well, whatever. So, when it was still USSR here, all History textbooks were, understandably, full of praise solely to Soviets, while now everything coming from there is proudly presented as mud. Re-writing History to accomodate current powers in control is too usual a thing, sadly.
Our school's historian never once used an officially recommended textbook.

[private investigator] is a profession I only know from movies and don't know a thing about its realitites.
You still know way more about it than me. I've only read Sherlock Holmes, and so much for the private investigators.

There is a scene in the book that must be mean that everything is not what it seems.
The whole series just shout that Severus's Dumbledore's man. I think. Which particular scene do you refer to?

And you say your first language is Russian? You've got such a beautiful alphabet, you know.
And your English is very good, so you could very well call it your second language.
A beautiful alphabet? That's a newsflash. What's so beautiful about it? *perplexed*
As for my English - you don't know a half about it. I need to check almost every word in the dictionary. The sad part of it is that dictionaries won't tell me how to properly use tenses. I wonder if I could speak in English.

What languages do you know? I take it that they are quite a few.
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