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Viper viewed this Tiscalli. They sat in silence for a while watching the sky grow dark and listened to the strange noises. Several times a few dinosaurs went passed. As they did Viper scanned them. None of them were meat eaters but they were huge in size. Viper had his duel rapid fire pistols on his person all the time and gripped them constantly. In time Tiscalli fell asleep. Viper stayed up. Close to day break Viper heard the noises of a group of people walk towards them. Viper kicked Tiscalli awake.
Viper withdrew his pistols and Tiscalli grabbed the rifle Viper had given him the day before and they stood still listening.
A group of men came out of the undergrowth talking. Viper glanced at Tiscalli and then back at the men. They were clones the same model as Jango Fett's clones. Viper gripped his pistols and pointed at Tiscalli and then a turret. He got the message. He manned the turret and pointed it at the men. Viper put his helmet on and stepped out of the cloak to confront them...


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