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And it sort of makes you paranoid because you can't be sure that whatever is taught to you is correct.
That's right, history is very dependant on the particular opinions of it's tellers; in order to get some relatively objective view one should read really a lot of material. Concerning the newest history, at least.

Besides, how can you look at something like this: "домохозяйкой" and say it's not beautiful?
Well, I hope I'll never become just 'домохозяйкой', it doesn't sound very beautiful to me)).
That's a highly strange notion for me to think that Cyrillic writing is 'exotic'. I doesn't look all that different from Roman one.

Apart from Finnish and English, only Swedish and German. I'm not even nearly fluent in either, though.
A nice start to become a polyglot, hmm?

Rowling says we will get most of the answers in book seven, but think of how long we'll have to wait (and cross swords over Snape's morals).
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