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Originally Posted by Charie
Can't imagine how a private school can exist with the conditions you have described, but I guess it's too late for you to change institution; so - my condolences, if you permit me.
Me neither, but private schools in here are very common (for the so called "middle classes", I mean); for what I've heard, in other countries they are more expensive. There is always the option of those very-expensive schools, but they are full of snobs and are not worth it.

Originally Posted by Charie
I suppose you'd make a terrific (in the best sense of the word) historian. I've heard that's an amazingly interesting field of work, for a
devouted soul; yet I reckon it's extremely hard to become anything big in it.
The problem is hat I enjoy the history of practically anything, and that field requires you to specialize in one topic in general. Time will tell what I follow, though.

Mmm. I admit have a soft spot for historians thanks to the History teacher I had at school (I wonder what made him go and teach, though, for his main profession was researcher/archaeologist, something like that).
He was thirty-five, I suppose, when I was in the final form, my close friend had a charming crush on him.
He sure sounds like a nice person.
I have a literature and plastic arts teacher I really care for.
That kind of thing is very helpful to motivate you, in order to at least study or work a bit harder.

One of the faculties in the Academy of Arts. I'd been looking forward to it for as long as I remember myself (that's not much, mind you; my memory's tricky), until something happened, about two years ago, and made practically a ruin of me. And I still don't particularly feel like a phoenix to rise from the ashes.
Wow. What sort of Arts were you interested in?

So, unusual hats, suits, shoes and, I bet, starched shirts (that's my special fetish). Your style sounds engaging, you know. Aren't there battalions of girls falling at you feet?
Sometimes I know I'd love to look as old-fashioned as I could, but my clothes are not many and there's no particular style in them, so I don't really have much to do about it.
Not that I am aware of. But most of the people I know dress like everyone else and either tend to dislike formal-wear or my serious and shy personality. Anyway, the women I tend to encounter are not 'my type' (or vice versa).

'A memorable picture of an incomparably dressed Mexican (or, what country are you from, actually? I'm as good in Geography as in Philosophy) boy, reciting ancient wisdoms in the moonlight under the tent of palm leaves'. Oil on canvas.
...Absurd art, more like, isn't it?

No I'm from Argentina; one of the countries in the so called "South" America which could have chances to have a great economy, but we have wasted it all thanks to the excellent governments we have had in the past decades.
It's a beautiful place, but the poeple are dislikeable.

If you mean 'sensible' as 'sensitive' (which you might not, certainly), why's that a 'curse'?
Actually, sensitive is the right word. It might be a curse because of the ideal of 'strong and virile man' that the Western society has created.

I love Russian, too, and yes, that's my main language. And the only one, actually, if you won't count that scant amount of English and the even scantier Lithuanian I fumble with. I was born in USSR, and my father's Russian. Lithuania is only a territory where my parents have met, accidentially, and I'm proud to say I have nothing to do with Lithuanians at all. I don't have a native country, like most of my friends.
Do you know Russian language?
Really? Have you lived there all your life?

I'm obsessed with Russia and the Soviet Union, the history, language, music (Bulat Okudzhava is one of my favourite artists); everything is beautiful about it. It's nice to know someone which has to do with it.

As for the language, I once began studying it some time ago, but I had to stop for a while.
I am planning on doing a more intensive course on the language next year, which is far better than studying from text books alone.

That's because you loose your time reading all that scientific nonsense, amigo. We, the frightful and mighty potter-fans, make science of nonsense, on the other hand.
I like Mark Twain a lot, amongst other non-scientific writers, if that helps.

What would you call a person who knows that politics needs to exist, but all the same considers it downright wrong? You may call me Charie, or VIP, as in Very Ignorant Politically. Like Count Almaviva said, can't do anything about it, so I just have to stand it.
That's a normal thing; I used to think the same (it's this game that changed it all for me, believe it or not).
But you are not indifferent to it, politics will always affect everyone, unluckily.

He did say that? 0.0 Everyone tells me Bush is a real jerk, to put it lightly. My father visited me yesterday and we talked about Iraq, among other things, a bit. Do I understand it right that Americans went to Iraq for oil? If so, did they get it, eventually?
Apparently; but if it's true (that he said it, I mean), I'm sure he doesn't believe it, it's just for propaganda.
I'm discussing the issue constantly, with my father and everyone; but talking about it in a forum full of people from the USA is not a good move.

Mother's choice, of course. I don't get it how it could be anyone else's buisness. Besides, is my guess right and most of anti-abortion fellows are men?
Also, I don't see it as murder. Murder is a kill of a human, isn't it? And a three-months fetal doesn't sound like a human to me. Not yet. If I remember biology, a human fetal shares quite a few traits with many other spieces' fetal forms.
But I don't understand motherhood (or biology) that well, thus I may sound cynical.
It's mainly men who are against it. I think they are afraid to give so much power to a woman.
Those who stand against always use the "It's murder" lie, when it scientifically isn't.
I'd respect the opposition more if they actually told the truth. (I'm for it, in case I didn't make that clear).

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Out of interest, how is history taught wrong?
Only a part of history is taught. You will probably learn about Greece, Egypt, Rome, the French Revolution, Industrial Rev, Russian Rev., World Wars and the history of your country. All in detail. But they miss many things.

I made a bet with my father that if I asked anybody in the street about the Mauryan Empire, they wouldn't know what I was talking about. Indeed, five people proved I was right.

I think that as much history should be seen as possible, but without much detail. The student can then choose the subject of his interest.

-History is a subject which could be taught the wrongest way possible at school in a country with prejudiced goverment.
Re-writing History to accomodate current powers in control is too usual a thing, sadly.

-I remember my previous History teacher who would throw all kinds of anti-Russian garbage at us in class while conviniently forgetting to tell about the bad things we did.
That is very true.
My civics teacher was constantly saying anti-Communist (and any sort of Left-wing enterprise, actually) things. Once she started to talk nonsense about Cuba and Russia, so I got fed up and stood up to her; a heated argument unleashed after that.

Some teachers can be very biased, and that becomes a problem for students.

Are there a lot of private investigators over there? Is it a profitable profession? What kind of jobs do you expect to get? As you can guess, this is a profession I only know from movies and don't know a thing about its realitites.
The agency I went to has a lot of students per year.
Lawyers or insurance companies mostly hire them; there are several fields in it but it depends on which aspect of it you choose to follow. I heard it pays well, but that is not something I really care for and the fares are up to the agent.

I like it as an option to have a job while I am at University, even though it requires a lot of hard work. Once I finish Forensics, I can merge both of the professions.

Heh, I'm going to become a teacher and teach kids how to speak English and German. It's not really what I want to do, but I want to work with languages, it's a relatively respected and well paid profession with weekends, Christmas, summer, Easter etc. always off duty so, it's worth it.
I think it suits you. You are a very nice person, and you seem to be very good at languages. I'm sure kids will love you.
Have you began to work/study for it already?

Languages are a beautiful thing; it is such a bad thing that some are being lost with the years.

Originally Posted by Charie
A beautiful alphabet? That's a newsflash. What's so beautiful about it? *perplexed*
I agree with Naomi, cyrillic is a great alphabet. One of the many reasons why I like this language, actually.

Also, I am going out of town, so I won't be able to be as active. I Promise I'll log in at least once every three days. (I'm not going right away, so I still have some chances to post today).

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