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<...>; for what I've heard, in other countries they are more expensive. There is always the option of those very-expensive schools, but they are full of snobs and are not worth it.
I see. Here, 'a private school' means exactly 'a very expensive and full of snobs' kind of thing, mainly.

He sure sounds like a nice person.
I have a literature and plastic arts teacher I really care for.
He was, indeed. And really handsome. And married. Allah sees I'd recieved too many laments on that little fact from my friend.
What's 'plastic arts'? Dances? We didn't have that at all.

What sort of Arts were you interested in?
'Were'. What a correct and eternally painful way to put it.
Graphics. Always Graphics - or is it called 'drawing' in English? They say, 'Drawing's father, painting's mother'. I've always preferred father.

Anyway, the women I tend to encounter are not 'my type' (or vice versa).
Really? And do you know what is 'your type'? Oh, drop it. I realize our chance for a mind-blowing romance is throttled by too many drastic and insurmountable obstacles. Guess I need to search for a Price somewhere else. And not THAT clever, by the way.

It's a beautiful place, but the people are dislikeable.
Argentina... Yes, that sounds distant and romantic. Music, dances, gaucho sauce, far away, vast lands. Why do you call people dislikeable? The worst national character I've met so far were Lithuanians.

It might be a curse because of the ideal of 'strong and virile man' that the Western society has created.
Feel pressed to stand up to the stereotype? People should probably remind themselves, from time to time, that men are also humans.

Really? Have you lived there all your life?
I'm obsessed with Russia and the Soviet Union, the history, language, music (Bulat Okudzhava is one of my favourite artists); everything is beautiful about it. It's nice to know someone which has to do with it.
I was born in Vilnius, and yes, I've lived here all my life. Sometimes I go to Israel, and once was in Saint-Petersburg, briefly. Real Russians are fascinating; though I don't think I could live among them. They are so - so different. They talk differently and think even more so. I'm dreaming of visiting Moskow some time.
Bulat Okudzhava. Uhuh. And why am I not surprised that you know more about Russian culture than I do? I just love Bards, I don't distinguish who's who there. I love to listen to "Песни Нашего Века" albums, and that's all.

I like Mark Twain a lot, amongst other non-scientific writers, if that helps.
Hey, I didn't imply anything by that comment of mine. I like Mark Twain too, by the way, not that I've read him a lot. Mostly re-read the same titles.

But you are not indifferent to it, politics will always affect everyone, unluckily.
Well, materially, it does, but so far I haven't noticed. ...Or it's just that I don't think of myself as Lithuanian, so it sort of doesn't matter to me what actually happens here. I've just thought that if I lived in my beloved Israel I'd definitely take much interest in ongoing events.

I'm discussing the issue constantly, with my father and everyone; but talking about it in a forum full of people from the USA is not a good move.
That may be. Though I'm anyway not somebody to discuss it with, the best I can do is listen.

It's mainly men who are against it. I think they are afraid to give so much power to a woman.
And what sort of power would that be, pray tell? Now I'm really confused as to why abortion is a problem at all. There are far too many people on this planet in any case.
Those men who are against, they should first try to bear and raise a child themselves, if they're so smart.

I made a bet with my father that if I asked anybody in the street about the Mauryan Empire, they wouldn't know what I was talking about. Indeed, five people proved I was right.
I think that as much history should be seen as possible, but without much detail. The student can then choose the subject of his interest.
Charming; another example of the thing you know and I haven't even heared about, at least it has never caught my eye even if I've seen some reference. Not that it's not my fault, of course. I wonder if our school historian mentioned it - I've actually listened to him only for a couple of years from those five he taught our class. And don't remember even that.
Perhaps your idea of presenting history to students is passable - for those interested. I guess that's basicly the way they teach it at Universities. Bored with studies ignorant fools, like me, wouldn't read anything additional at all, I suppose. They are too busy rereading 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' for the hundredth time.

My civics teacher was constantly saying anti-Communist (and any sort of Left-wing enterprise, actually) things. Once she started to talk nonsense about Cuba and Russia, so I got fed up and stood up to her; a heated argument unleashed after that.
A pity I could see (and wouldn't have understood) that. Heated student/teacher arguments, where the student is right, especially, are amazing to observe. What did you win eventually?

Also, I am going out of town, so I won't be able to be as active.
I'm actaully astonished at your and VampireNaomi's current forum activity. Where the hell do you get the time? I'm completely free at the moment, but I'm sure I won't have this much spare time later, I don't know even where I'm going to live during upcoming months - so I definitely won't be present frequenty either.

I'm sorry for everything stupid and offensive I've said above. I can't play a clever girl constantly.
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