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I didn't get to reply to everything earlier, so I'll do it now. A bit concisely, though.

Originally Posted by Charie
He was, indeed. And really handsome. And married. Allah sees I'd recieved too many laments on that little fact from my friend.
What's 'plastic arts'? Dances? We didn't have that at all.
Plastic Arts refer to the subject in which we learn to draw, paint, sculpt, and all of those visual things.

'Were'. What a correct and eternally painful way to put it.
Graphics. Always Graphics - or is it called 'drawing' in English? They say, 'Drawing's father, painting's mother'. I've always preferred father.
If you don't mind, how come you had to leave it?

Really? And do you know what is 'your type'? Oh, drop it. I realize our chance for a mind-blowing romance is throttled by too many drastic and insurmountable obstacles. Guess I need to search for a Price somewhere else. And not THAT clever, by the way.
What sort of drastic and insurmountable obstacles throttle our chance for a mind-blowing romance?

It's not as easy to figure out what is your type, as it is to figure what isn't. I guess one finds that out on the appropiate moment.

Argentina... Yes, that sounds distant and romantic. Music, dances, gaucho sauce, far away, vast lands. Why do you call people dislikeable? The worst national character I've met so far were Lithuanians.
If there is one thing I like from here, it has to be Tango. It's just one of the greatest dances and music out there.

Most people in here think to much of themselves; they consider themselves better than the rest of South America; instead of trying to work together for the sake of progress, we just criticize.

What's wrong with Lithuanians?

Feel pressed to stand up to the stereotype? People should probably remind themselves, from time to time, that men are also humans.
Not at all; but those which form part of the stereotype seem to be bothered by it.

Bulat Okudzhava. Uhuh. And why am I not surprised that you know more about Russian culture than I do? I just love Bards, I don't distinguish who's who there. I love to listen to "Песни Нашего Века" albums, and that's all.
Bards are incredible, but no song can compare to the excellence of Ваше Благородие or the beauty of Песенка об Арбате. I like these two so much that I even learnt them on guitar, they are not exactly easy to tab; but they are outstanding.

Hey, I didn't imply anything by that comment of mine. I like Mark Twain too, by the way, not that I've read him a lot. Mostly re-read the same titles.
I've read his short stories several times; I certainly like the evolution he went through along his writing years.
Which titles do you keep re-reading?

I've just thought that if I lived in my beloved Israel I'd definitely take much interest in ongoing events.
Do you prefer Israel to Lithuania or any other place?

And what sort of power would that be, pray tell? Now I'm really confused as to why abortion is a problem at all. There are far too many people on this planet in any case.
Those men who are against, they should first try to bear and raise a child themselves, if they're so smart.
The power of choosing whether a baby comes to this world or not. A lot of men like the idea of a woman being submitted, and due to the current almost equality between both, they now feel threatened. The only thing they have left is that a woman must carry a creature for nine months, and then take care of it; while they have to do nothing. If they loose this privilege, it's all over for their Chauvinistic beliefs.

Charming; another example of the thing you know and I haven't even heared about, at least it has never caught my eye even if I've seen some reference.
They are too busy rereading 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' for the hundredth time
It's not something entirely important to humanity either; I just picked it that once because of it's 'low profile'.

Did you have a crush on your history teacher too? .

[on debating with my teacher] What did you win eventually?
Being catalogued as a Communist (which doesn't bother me; but I'm not one) and having to work double to get the mark I really deserve with that teacher.

Well, yay for speaking my mind in class, I guess.

I'm actaully astonished at your and VampireNaomi's current forum activity. Where the hell do you get the time? I'm completely free at the moment, but I'm sure I won't have this much spare time later, I don't know even where I'm going to live during upcoming months - so I definitely won't be present frequenty either.
I'm on vacation, so I have no problem activity-wise (now, I will have). But during the school year, I don't have much time left.
Now VampireNaomi is the most loyal Grim Fandango fan I know of.

I'm sorry for everything stupid and offensive I've said above. I can't play a clever girl constantly.
It didn't sound offensive; all of what you say sounds rational enough for me. I'm starting to believe that you don't think much of yourself, either.

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
How long do you have to keep studying there until you can move elsewhere?
Only a couple of years to go, only a couple of years!

That poor teacher. My Brazilian friend told me that public schools have such problems in that part of the world, but I never suspected it could be that bad for the teachers.
It is, I think teachers are underpaid mostly everywhere.
And on a world where unfortunately the importance of your job is valued by the money you make (not that it is fair; businessmen are filthily rich and their work is worthless) that is not a good way to thank them for their hard work.

True. We're somewhere on the top of the suicide list. I think it's because people have forgotten the meaning of really caring about each other. Our society sets firm rules; you have to be young, beautiful and successful if you want to be worth anything. If you fail to accomplish that you've failed in life.
The firm rules of society are something I'll never like. They are the catalysts of many things, like suicides, anorexia, etc.

What a screwed up place we live in.

Give a shout if you do. I'll give you a tour in The Spy Museum

I'll sure do; that place looks neat.

About the Lenin museum, I was talking about the one on the Red Square; but anything will do .

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