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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
I expect very much from it. Richard Linklater is an excellent filmmaker. Don't believe me? Watch "Waking Life" and "Tape".
But Wynona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr., aren't the actors I would choose. Not that I hate them, but I prefer it when things have different actors; well, it is Hollywood after all, what else can I expect?.

I've never seen anything by Linklater; but I don't expect much from it simply because I don't want to be turned off if it isn't as good as I would like it to (I do it with any book-into-movie adaptation, so as not to be disappointed later on). The style it is being filmed in is very creative, it adds an important touch to the movie.

Young Adult. But don't let that description sway your vision, he's not in the least bit a children's writer. He wrote my favorite book out there "Fade" and I've read everything else he's done, and none of it has disappointed (okay, two did, but two in like 25 books is still pretty good). He writes very honestly and darkly, and never had "good" or "evil" characters, but the best thing about is that he explores these themes in a way that doesn't burn a hole in your brain with fancy words and unconventional sentence structures, things that writers think make them good but in fact does the opposite.
Nice. I'll look for books by him the next time I go book-shopping.
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