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(Out of Character: I changed my previous post, wildjedi. )

NeoVenom took his eyes off the two people he was watching when the bartender started talking to him. The bartender told NeoVenom all about how the commander was murdered and some assassin left his mark, how the assassin's name was "Reaper". Even though NeoVenom disliked the way Carmael was run, he believed no one deserved death but instead should be prosecuted by justice. After thanking the bartender for the information, NeoVenom got to his feet. He looked around once more and noticed the two people he was watching earlier were at the bottom of the steps that lead upstairs. Maybe he should have a talk with them, maybe he should just wait until he has more information. After a slight pause at where he stood, NeoVenom made his way to the door of the cavern. He heard elven being spoken at a corner and tried to listen.

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Darth Maul
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