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Originally Posted by ivanbuto
Obviously the music is an absolutely core part of the game. Does someone have information about specific jazz composers/artists/performers the music is inspired by? I did download the soundtrack, and have listened to it a few times. I guess what I'm looking for is possible recommendations of good CDs I could buy which have songs of similar mood as some of the songs in Grim Fandango. I realize there are different styles involved here. For example, which of Duke Ellington's work should I loook for? Any good recommendations for Mexican folk music?
Anything by Duke Ellington and Miles Davis is outstanding Jazz & Bebop (Davis has more to do with GF, in my opinion, and is not as overrated). Now if Swing is what you are looking for; Benny Goodman or, my personal favourite, Artie Shaw were the best of their genre. If you want something a bit different from the GF soundtrack, Django Reinhardt was (and still remains as) the best at Jazz on guitar.
Since CDs are only selected tracks, or compilated dics, I have no idea which to recommend, for they vary a lot. Anything by the ones I mentioned is excellent. But, you might find that they are not very similar to the music of the soundtrack, which is more of a modern-jazz which I'm not really into (exceptuating this soundtrack).

I've got no idea about Mexican music, but try getting some South American Folklore compilations.

Also, welcome and feel free to browse and post in the forums.

Hope it helps, somehow.
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