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I just wanted to say I have been playing around with your mod and think itís really cool. I do have a coupe of requests for a future addition though. I dislike TSLís wrist launcher concept and was wondering if as an alternative to your consoleís wrist launcher function you could add a way for it to emulate a shield or some other type of item? Another potential feature I was wondering if you could add was displaying the pre-modified stat in the wrist console dialog. Itís handy that we can stay in the console after making each change, but if I want to change several stats (like I always do when a new NPC joins as I like to tweak their stats to how I envision them and not as the game defaults them) I often forget the amount I want to add or subtract to get the value I want. If it was displayed in the dialog then it would be a lot easier. Oh, and I mean this for attributes, skills, force points and anything else that would have a numeric value that would be easy to read and possibly display in the dialog box. Having not attempted to mod anything on either KotOR I donít know how difficult this is, but if you could look into it when working on your next update I would appreciate it.
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