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I downloaded your mod a few days ago, and I really like the concept.

It looks like you just updated it with the installer and everything, but if you do any more work on it, I would like to make a suggestion for your consideration. I do think the items are a bit overpowered, primarily because there really are no standard items the Exile is likely to use after comparing them to the new items you added plus the Exile gets these very early in the game.

Of course I do prefer more powerful items to weaker ones, and I find it pretty hard to get excited about some of the standard items that do things like grant +2 to Fortitude saves. Also, the fact that these items were supposed to be accumulated over the years by the Exile does make them more appropriate than the <your name> Armband we find.

So my real issue here is that of the appearance of progress. As I go along in the game, I look forward to finding better goodies, learning new feats, gaining new force powers, improving my skills, etc. So with your cool items, after I receive them I have less to look forward too.

So what I was wondering was if it was possible to make the items improve as the main character levels up. This would allow them to be weaker when found, but still useful while less unbalancing. At the same time their upper limits could make them highly desirable at the highest levels and if they have a smooth progression in their improvements they will always be used - and it would be something else to look forward to while leveling up.

Oh, and to make things more interesting, spawning a couple of squads of Sith assassins after taking the items would be a nice addition too.

Thanks for the great mod!

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